Expectant Parents

Expecting a New Addition? 

Free Prenatal Consultations!

We understand that expecting a new baby is an exciting time that can be filled with many important decisions such as choosing the right Pediatrician for your child. If you are considering choosing Northern Kentucky Pediatric Group for your newborn, we would love to meet you! Call today to schedule a FREE Prenatal Consultation with one of our Pediatricians where we can give you a tour of the facilities, answer any questions about your newborn’s arrival, and discuss why Northern Kentucky Pediatric Group can be the right fit for your family.


What to Expect:

If your baby is born at St. Elizabeth, Christ, or Good Samaritan Hospital, one of our Pediatricians will round on your newborn in the hospital within 24 hours of birth. However, we also welcome newborns born at any hospital!

Baby’s first office visit will occur within 3-5 days after discharge from the birth hospital. We know that the newborn period can be stressful, so rest assured that we take full responsibility for your baby’s health from the moment he/she is born; if you have any questions or concerns about your baby before this initial visit we are here to help!